How do I get access to Vocopher?

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Career professionals wishing to use this system must first request a code from the system administrator. Once this code is granted the user can provide the code to their clients/students. This will allow the client/student to create their own profile, including their own username and password. The client/student can then use their username and password to login. Once logged in, the user will have access to the test/instruments, and other career resources. If a user has already logged in and completed a test/instrument, they will be able to view their results by clicking the My Reusults link. Users will only be able to see their own results.

1) If you already have a username and password you can login now, otherwise you will need to register.
2) If you are a client/student and have already been given a code, fill in the registration form provided. If you are a career professional click here to apply for a code. Codes will only be granted to career professionals. Career professionals can then use the code to allow their clients/students to complete the registration form and create their own username and password. You may request multiple codes. For example, an instructor may want a code for each section of a career development class they are teaching. This way the instructor can group results by section using the different codes provided.
3) If you are a student and have filled out the registration form with the code provided to you, you can now use the username and password you created to login.